Life Post Grad is an informational hub and blog on how to approach this whole “life” thing. In an increasingly digitized, “connected,” and complicated world, life can be simplified and optimized by prioritizing a few key things:

  • Physical health comes first, before anything else. Think of the way humans lived for millennia in hunter gatherer tribes. Life was spent with your family, with your tribe, gathering food, hunting, walking and jogging across miles and miles of terrain daily. Ample exercise used to be a default part of the human experience. Now, sedentary lifestyles and the convenient availability of crappy processed foods and silently threaten us all. Good physical health and nutrition comes before all else. Ditching the car for your daily commute is a great step to take to get this process rolling.
  • Mental health is conveniently correlated to physical health, so exercise is a great starting point for this bullet point. There are ways to exercise our brain as well, including reading a good book, practicing general mindfulness, and performing daily meditation. In my privileged life as an American, I find a lot to appreciate throughout each day. I hope reading through Life Post Grad makes us all realize how good we have it.
  • Relationships. Humans, like all other mammals, are social creatures. Healthy relationships with other humans are an essential part of the human experience, and a requirement for optimal mental health. The best part of the modern world is that our friends and family members are always a single phone call away. After an amazing bike ride, or after dealing with a difficult challenge at home or at work, nothing makes me happier than sharing my plights or my successes with a friend through a quick phone call. They’re almost always happy to hear from me, and chatter right back with some funny or interesting experiences. Social media is a direct cause of the societal disconnect many young people feel in the modern world. An antidote to that is using the phone to check in with each other every so often. It’s never been easier to maintain and grow our relationships with each other. The best way of doing it, besides in person and in our communities, is through a good ol’ fashioned phone call.
  • Learning New Things, every dayThis could be sitting on the couch and reading a good book, which goes hand in hand with improving your mental health and general life knowledge.  Other great things to learn include new cooking techniques, and new dishes to cook. Maybe you create a new Excel spreadsheet to optimize your finances. Learning a new route to ride your bike home from work counts, or perhaps you learned a new yoga pose today? These things seem small, but little bits of new knowledge and positive habits acquired each day compound into healthy, life altering results that catapult you towards a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Embracing Discomfort. Solving problems and dealing with difficulty lead to growth of our bodies and minds. Convenience is our default mode, but scaling back the overload of conveniences in first-world life make room for challenges and problem solving opportunities that make us uncomfortable. As counter-intuitive as it seems, regular discomfort increases our happiness in the long run.
  • Avoid Conspicuous Consumption. Nobody cares what physical objects you have. Your shoes, your car, your outfit, the fancy restaurant you ate at and showed off on your Instagram story. That doesn’t matter. (At the same time, it’s important to dress for the occasion and not appear homeless). Some luxuries in first-world life are easily worth it. I personally drive almost one thousand miles a month, which is an incredible luxury in itself. I drive a state over almost every week to go bowling with my brother. I actively participate in what I consider “conspicuous consumption,” but I’m actively trying to avoid that consumption for the sake of short term gratification, and showing off to others (posting “stories” or photos online). I am still working on improving myself in this facet of life.

So there it is. A few priorities that can lead to long term, sustainable happiness.

Financial Independence, Retire Early

These principles also happen to coincide with the principles of financial independence, according to Mr. Money Mustache himself. This concept of financial independence is also known as the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early).

This is no coincidence. These bullet points were directly inspired by Mr. Money Mustache, and I’ve slowly been steering my lifestyle towards Mustachianism. Do yourself a favor and skip out on me, the middle man, and check out the full list of Mr. Money Mustache articles.

Life Post Grad is a transparent case study into my life, showing the physical, mental, and financial effects of implementing a few lifestyle changes that will yield massive results over the years.


About Adam

Hey there, I’m Adam, the blogger and content writer behind Life Post Grad. I am an engineer in training working full time on my way to becoming a professional engineer.

This blog is one of many hobbies of mine, and I occasionally teach tennis after work and on the weekends as a “side gig.”
These days, I’m really into biking, tennis, bowling, and the occasional round of golf. Oh, and skiing. Carving through the woods with a few friends is just about the greatest feeling in the world.

Future content will likely include lots of things exercise, lifestyle, and personal finance related. In general, I’ll try to keep things as Mustachian as possible, but I’m only human.

I intend to be transparent and show a direct window into my own finances and expenses, and my own successes and difficulties.

I generally post once a week. Feel free to subscribe by email for posting notifications, and thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you back here in the future!

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