Life Post Grad explores the things that school didn’t really prepare us for, including:

  • Personal Finance and Navigating Capitalism
  • Managing and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships as an adult
  • Physical, mental, and emotional health and well being

Topics will range far and wide, but generally relate to optimizing and improving your life as a recent high school or college graduate. You’re done with school, but whether you like it or not, there’s a hell of a lot more to learn.

The education system is meant to provide us with the bare-bones background knowledge necessary to succeed as a human being in the corporate world. Just like in school, you will succeed in most jobs by following basic directions. Listen to your teacher, do your classwork and homework, and you will succeed.

The same is true in the corporate world. Listen to your boss, execute your work, and you will not get fired. Your paycheck will continue to be deposited in your bank account.

In high school, we are given the mantra that college is a requirement if you we want to succeed. We often take on crippling levels of debt based on the promise of a university degree, with encouragement from counselors, family, and friends.

In college, we are given a rosy view of working in the corporate world. Everyone is always excited to get started at their shiny new job shortly after graduating.

There is often a honeymoon phase at a new job. Everything is new, exciting, and engaging. You quickly learn your role, and get comfortable in your new position. You excel, you are praised by your boss and your team for the great work that you do. But this continues on for months, and then years.

You are happy with your life, and your job. You are comfortable, but there is no way this is what you are meant to continue doing for 40 years. Even after changing jobs, the monotony and meaninglessness of the work that you do erodes away at your happiness.

Vacations come and go, but your work is always there, waiting for you. Our entire education system, from kindergarten to high school or college, slowly conditions us to become obedient employees. But employment is far from the purpose of life. Life Post Grad is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Looking Forward

This blog will primarily be a catalog of my personal experiences. I am in no way an expert in anything that I write about, but I find joy in incrementally optimizing my own life and improving on my perceived shortcomings. One of my inspirations for my current way of life, is Mr. Money Mustache.

To me, pursuing financial independence seems to be the best way to navigate and prosper as a human in the richest country with the most prosperous economy on earth. Wealth is in no shortage here in the US, and with careful and calculated consumer habits, you can lavishly enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while building up the cash that can eventually free you from employment.

I recommend looking through Mr. Money Mustache’s posts for an inspiring version of the financial independence lifestyle.

Some example posts that will soon appear on this blog include:

  • Monthly Expense Reports
  • My Best Purchase of 2019: a $1000 Bicycle
  • Accessibility of Friends, Before and After School
  • The Power of a Phone Call
  • Exercise is your new Best Friend
  • The Paradox of Convenience
  • Narrowly avoiding a $3000 Debt Trap
  • My Personal Struggle with Addiction

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