August Expense Report

Just last month I moved across the country for a new job. This month, I got a different, slightly better job offer in an industry I am more passionate about, and I took that offer.

I got another job, woohoo!

As such, August was a continuation of the transition that I’ve been going through. Here are my expenses:

Home/Rent – $401

I spent half of August sleeping on an air mattress on the living room floor of a friend’s house, before officially taking over one of the bedrooms. This rent amount is about half of what it will be in future months.

Auto – $3023

I bought a car! A nice used, efficient, hatchback. All in all, with the vehicle purchase, taxes, insurance, and registration, I paid over $3000 in auto expenses in August.

I’m super happy with the purchase thus far. I’ve only driven a few hundred miles, but I’m winning out (to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars) compared to any purchase made at a car dealership.

When buying or selling a car, always go with a private sale. With just a little bit of patience and due diligence, anyone can find a reliable used car for a good price.

Transit/Travel – $63

I purchased some flights in August, to fly in September. I feel like a crazy person for deciding to fly during this pandemic, but as someone in their mid twenties, I am young and reckless. I’ve gone from living at home with my parents, with no connection or interaction the outside world, to flying to a different city to meet up with 4 old college friends.

The ridiculously low cost of my round trip flights also provided a “nudge” towards the more reckless decision here.

Health/Wellness – $0

Aside from health insurance premiums, no spending.

Sustenance – $347

August 2020 Categorized Sustenance SpendingBack into the groove of covering all of my own expenses, instead of being provided for! The big thing that occurred this month: I’m within range of Chipotle again.

Daily Living – $113

This entire category was spent on a single date night. I had just finished up my first day on the new job, and was feeling generous. I decided to cover the whole bill at an expensive sushi restaurant. Alcoholic beverages really drove the price up here.

Entertainment – ($42)

$37 spent on alcohol, $25 on camping gear, $13 spent on splitting a hotel room 4 ways, and a $118 gambling win (itemized as a negative expense).

Misc Expenses – $52

$53 on fees related to buying vehicle history reports, and purchasing checks from my bank. I meant to use the checks to buy a car, but instead, paid in cash. I have still yet to write in check in my lifetime.

Monthly Deficit – $1267

The government is no longer giving me money for simply existing. And I bought a car. As such, we’re in the negatives this month. We should be well in the positives for the rest of 2020. No more major purchases on the horizon.

August Purchase of the Month:

Thousands of dollars for a wonderful, economical, functional, manual hatchback motor vehicle.

Love my car so far. I bought it with 159,000 miles, here’s to hoping it lasts still 250,000!


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