February 2020 Expense Report

Well, we slowed down from last month’s gambling recklessness, because many of the presidential primary elections that I had been betting on finally happened.

Compared to December and January, tossing $2497 towards gambling this month seems much more reasonable.

Again, not reasonable at all, but comparatively less ridiculous.

$89 per day spent on political gambling. That’s a pace of over $32,000 per year.

I also made multiple yolo donations to my candidate of choice… for a cumulative amount of $1445.


Here comes the pointless hypothetical: if we ignore this month’s gambling, we ended up at a -21% monthly savings rate.

If we ignore the massive $1445 in political donations I made in addition to ignoring the massive amount of gambling I did, we’re at a healthy 26% savings rate. Not bad! And it only ended up that low because of a security deposit for a future living arrangement

Again, my spending on material items is under control. My gambling on a political candidate is bonkers, and I just keep doubling down. The timing on donating to my political candidate of choice couldn’t have been much worse either. Just a week after I made the donation, they dropped out of the race

Home/Rent – $1878

In addition to my standard rent and utilities, I put down a security deposit for a much more affordable place to stay starting in April.

Rent + Security Deposit – $1783
Internet – $40
Utilities – $55

Auto – $52

$52 on fuel this month, that’s it!

Transit/Travel – $12

One single Uber ride

Health/Wellness – $0

No spending this month, as long as I ignore my monthly health insurance premiums

Sustenance – $322

February 2020 Sustenance/Food Sources Bar Chart

My sustenance spending dropped a small amount this month. Mostly due to cooking at home on dates, rather than going out to eat.

I stocked up on alcohol a bit too. And I stayed on brand to myself, spending $80 on Chipotle in February.

Daily Living – $1

Entertainment – $2593

Not much spent on entertainment this month, BESIDES recklessly gambling $2497 on a political prediction website. Otherwise, I had a few bowling sessions and went to top golf for the first time with coworkers.

Alcohol expenses – $52
Entertainment – $33
Gambling – $2497
Games – $11

Misc Expenses – $1445

As previously mentioned, I made some excessive impulse donations to a political candidate this month, totaling the entirety of this category

Monthly Deficit – $3142

February savings rate: -102%

February Purchase of the Month:

Groceries for the cooking dates I had!



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