January 2020 Expense Report

Well, we topped last month’s recklessness. I spent an insane $6580 on gambling this month. What is risk management?

That’s $212 a day, and a pace of over $77,000 per year.

If I adjust my savings rate to ignore my debt repayment, as well as this gambling, we’re at a healthy 48% rate of savings this month.

But the reality is, I spent/gambled thousands on something out of my control. My real savings rate this month is a very unhealthy -139%.

Holy moly!

My ‘spending’ on material items is under control. But again, my gambling is out of control, and I’ve continued to double down

Home/Rent – $1109

Rent – $1083
Internet – ($40)
Utilities – $61

Auto – $13

A small ‘rental fee’ for borrowing my roommate’s car!

Transit/Travel – $81

Metro/Bus – $66
Uber/Lyft – $15

I took a trip to New York City for New Year’s with my brother! Round trip bus tickets were $66.

Additionally, some time in January, I took an Uber.

Health/Wellness – $0

No spending this month, as long as I ignore my monthly health insurance premiums

Sustenance – $322

Low grocery spending combined with going out to eat on a few dates made the restaurants/eating out my largest sustenance category this month.

Daily Living – $0

No spending in my daily living category for the month. No Amazon purchases, no clothing purchases. Zilch!

Entertainment – $6675

This is where the fun begins:

Alcohol – $51
Entertainment (mostly bowling) – $43
Gambling – $6580
Memberships – $1

Less than $100 on general entertainment, except for the elephant in the room: $6500 spent on a political prediction/gambling website. Let’s hope I’m right.

Misc Expenses – $191

All political donations

Monthly Deficit – $4484

We’re even more in the red compared to last month. My money hasn’t magically disappeared, but I’m heavily invested in Pete Buttigieg winning at least one of the early state primaries. I doubled down significantly compared to last month’s gambling recklessness, and it shows here on my expense report.

Again, I gambled at a rate of $77,000 per year, $212 per day. I’m actively aware of how stupid I’m being, but the rational side of me is not able to override the emotional part of my brain, looking for a ‘big win’.

January savings rate: -139%

January Purchase of the Month:

Two more dinner dates out! It’s good to leave the suburbs every once in a while and hang out in the city!

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