July Expense Report

I got a job! This month I got my shit together, and moved across the country. I was able to sneak in a week long camping trip with some old friends before starting my new job. I’m a lucky person.

Home/Rent – $47

A temporary storage unit before I moved into my new apartment full time

Auto – $816

Heads up – one way car rentals are not cheap, especially if you’re driving all the way across the country.

$623 spent on a rental car, and $188 on gas

Transit/Travel – $0

Health/Wellness – $0

Aside from health insurance premiums, no spending.

Sustenance – $280

July 2020 Categorized Sustenance SpendingBack into the groove of covering all of my own expenses, instead of being provided for! With moving out out of my parents’ house, and back into my own apartment, there was a big change this month: After multiple months of no Chipotle (my longest stint in years), I’m finally back within range of a Chipotle restaurant.

Daily Living – $0

Entertainment – ($16)

$5 spent on alcohol, $99 on camping gear, and a $120 gambling win (itemized as a negative expense).

Misc Expenses – $53

$53 on expenses related to running this website (domain name, hosting)

Monthly Savings – $2841

It’s pretty easy to save when you don’t have rent to pay, especially when the government is handing you $1000 per week

July Purchase of the Month:

$99 on a sleeping pad and a sweet overpriced hat I got at REI. Quite the splurge


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