June Expense Report

Another month of living at home. Helping around the house, and applying for jobs. Doing chores instead of paying rent. I’m a lucky person.

Home/Rent – $0

Auto – $0

Transit/Travel – $0

Health/Wellness – $0

I was able to seamlessly hop onto my parents’ insurance plan after losing my job. Thanks Obama.

Aside from premiums, no spending. I did get a little fever and headache in the middle of the month. Given the times, I got tested for COVID-19, which was covered by insurance.

Sustenance – $28

I covered a marginal amount of groceries this month.

Daily Living – $0

Entertainment – $65

$45 spent on beer, and $20 spent on poker with some friends. I lost!

Misc Expenses – $23

$13 on expenses relating to this website. $10 donated to charity.

Monthly Savings – $5226

With no expenses, it’s pretty easy to save. Especially when the government is handing you $1000 per week

June Purchase of the Month:

$45 on some India Pale Ales.


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