March 2020 Expense Report

March marks my last month paying way too much rent for a ‘luxury’ apartment.

But again, gambling is the line item that is dominating these expense reports. Good news: I cashed out almost the entirety of my political gambling funds.

Bad news: I lost a good chunk of cash. Who would’ve thought?

We have a massive accounting gain this month, compared to the exorbitant accounting losses in the previous months.

A significant amount of these accounting losses turned into realized losses, as primary elections have occurred.

From November to February, I put about $14,626 towards political gambling.

In March, I pulled out $9,160 from my political gambling account

In April, I pulled out $2127.

So, I lost $3,339 in trying to predict primary elections, a 23% loss over just 4 months.

Ignoring my gambling ramblings, my expenses were incredibly minimal this month, as COVID-19 started being taken seriously here in the US.

I began working from home, stocked up on groceries, and didn’t go out much at all.

Additionally, I received a $500 bank account bonus, giving me a small windfall to partially make up for my political gambling escapades.

Home/Rent – $1218

Standard rent and utilities

Auto – $42

$42 spent on a rental van to make my move to a more affordable apartment on a month to month lease!

Transit/Travel – $0

Staying away from public transit during peak pandemic uncertainty

Health/Wellness – $0

No spending, as long as I ignore my monthly health insurance premiums

Sustenance – $322

March 2020 Sustenance Spending Bar ChartMy sustenance was altered slightly this month. More stocking up on groceries, with very little eating out at the beginning of the month. Only $28 spent on Chipotle this month, a personal low for me in recent years

Daily Living – $43

I bought 2 books from the Amazon bookstore, and spent $1 on mail forwarding.

Entertainment – ($9149)

$10.59 spent on a monthly Xbox live membership. This bill snuck up on me, and I got a refund that showed up on my April expenses

Otherwise, my gambling expenses were negative to the tune of thousands of dollars in March, as I cashed out a significant amount of funds.

March Actual Entertainment expenses: $10.59
March Total Entertainment expenses for accounting purposes: $-9149

Misc Expenses – $1445

No political donations, or other miscellaneous expenses this month:

Monthly (Accounting) Savings – $10,623

March (accounting) savings rate: 355%

March Purchase of the Month:

The moving van rental: a small cost to pay for a much more affordable and flexible living situation.



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