May 2020 Expense Report

Well. I moved home, and have just about no expenses. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my privileged and luck. Yes, I lost my job, but the government has stepped in and is essentially covering my entire wage for the near future, until I find another job.

And I can temporarily move home with wonderful parents who are super happy to have me around and incredibly supportive of my needs. Instead of paying rent, I’m helping around the house with chores. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, weeding, lawn mowing, weedwhacking, grocery shopping. The list goes on!

Long story short, I’m a lucky kid. Posting this mostly empty expense report for consistency’s sake.

Home/Rent – ($150)

An accounting gain this month. Received a utility deposit refund, and of course, did not have to pay rent this month.

Auto – $0

Transit/Travel – $0

Health/Wellness – $0

I was able to seamlessly hop onto my parents’ insurance plan after losing my job. Thanks Obama.

Aside from premiums, no spending.

Sustenance – $33

I covered a marginal amount of groceries, and bought a takeout pizza. All other grocery spending was put on my parents’ credit card. #privilege

Daily Living – $0


Entertainment – $16

Microsoft hit me with an automatic bill (Xbox Live) that I did not dispute

Misc Expenses – $0

Monthly Savings – $4101

With no expenses, it’s pretty easy to save. Especially when the government is handing you $1000 per week

May Mistake of the Month:

Buying a pizza that wasn’t that great, for 18 whole dollars.


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